Course Image {mlang en}Cross-Cultural Project Teams{mlang} {mlang de}Interkulturelle Projektteams{mlang}

Cross-Cultural Project Teams

Learn how to reflect your cultural values and paradigms. Understand communication patterns and learn how to assure knowledge sharing. Get the skills you need for your cross-cultural project team.
Course Image {mlang en}Expat Toolbox: Germany{mlang} {mlang de}Skill Set für Manager in Deutschland{mlang} {mlang zh_cn}德国企业管理方法{mlang}

Expat Toolbox: Germany

Brand new in Germany? Still have to get the job done? No problem! This series provides essential know-how you need to hit the ground running in Deutschland.
Course Image {mlang en}Intercultural Expat Journey{mlang} {mlang de}Interkulturelle Tour für Expats{mlang} {mlang zh_cn}跨文化移居之旅{mlang}

Intercultural Expat Journey

Get to the right orbit in terms of your personal skills and know-how. Unlock your worldwide potential and start your journey on business culture and personal development.
Course Image {mlang en}Working at an Executive level in China{mlang} {mlang de}Als Führungskraft in China{mlang} {mlang zh_cn}在中国担任高管{mlang}

Working at an Executive level in China

Gain the essential know-how you need as an executive going to or working with China. Develop the crucial skills for working effectively with China and guarantee global success.  
Course Image {mlang en}Moving to the US as a Junior High Potential{mlang} {mlang de}Auf in die USA als Junior High Potential{mlang} {mlang zh_cn}年轻“潜力股”如何在美国发展{mlang}

Moving to the US as a Junior High Potential

Better understand working in the US as high potential. Learn about cultural diversity and how to communicate effectively with US colleagues. 
Course Image {mlang en}Customised Client Courses{mlang} {mlang de} Kundenspezifische Kurse{mlang} {mlang zh_cn}客户定制课程{mlang}

Customised Client Courses

Customised e-learning experiences for your organisation can be found here. Discover your personally designed courses and content!