Course Image {mlang en}Customised Client Courses{mlang} {mlang de} Kundenspezifische Kurse{mlang} {mlang zh_cn}客户定制课程{mlang}

Customised Client Courses

Customised e-learning experiences for your organisation can be found here. Discover your personally designed courses and content!
Course Image {mlang en}Diversity & Biases{mlang}{mlang de}Diversity & Biases{mlang}

Diversity & Biases

In this course, you will learn how to live and promote diversity and inclusion. You will also learn what often stands in our way - unconscious bias - and what you can do about it.
Course Image {mlang en}Expat Stability Journey{mlang}{mlang de}Expat Stability Reise{mlang}

Expat Stability Journey

Working across borders with colleagues, partners and customers has become part of everyday life. Learn intercultural and organizational cultural competencies that determine success from failure.
Course Image {mlang en} DE&I Learning Nuggets {mlang} {mlang de} DE&I Lern-Nuggets{mlang}

DE&I Learning Nuggets

The goal of this series is to raise awareness of the potential of diversity and inclusion and to strive for an inclusive environment. Team collaboration is a critical part of giving participants the …
Course Image {mlang en}Cross-Cultural Project Teams{mlang} {mlang de}Interkulturelle Projektteams{mlang}

Cross-Cultural Project Teams

Learn how to reflect your cultural values and paradigms. Understand communication patterns and learn how to assure knowledge sharing. Get the skills you need for your cross-cultural project team.
Course Image {mlang en}Expat Toolbox: Germany{mlang} {mlang de}Skill Set für Manager in Deutschland{mlang} {mlang zh_cn}德国企业管理方法{mlang}

Expat Toolbox: Germany

Brand new in Germany? Still have to get the job done? No problem! This series provides essential know-how you need to hit the ground running in Deutschland.
Course Image {mlang en}Intercultural Expat Journey{mlang} {mlang de}Interkulturelle Tour für Expats{mlang} {mlang zh_cn}跨文化移居之旅{mlang}

Intercultural Expat Journey

Get to the right orbit in terms of your personal skills and know-how. Unlock your worldwide potential and start your journey on business culture and personal development.
Course Image {mlang en}Your Study Abroad Journey{mlang} {mlang de}Deine Reise Ins Ausland{mlang}

Your Study Abroad Journey

Exciting journey ahead of you? No problem, we've got you covered! This series provides you with preparations before your stay abroad and takes care of you when you return back home!